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We repair and service many brands of outdoor powered equipment, with a primary focus on lawn & garden as well as light industrial machines.

We have service contracts with John Deere lawn & garden, STIHL, MTD, Toro lawn & garden, Briggs & Stratton engines and Kohler engines. These brands enjoy priority for repair and service in our shop, however we are able to work on a broad range of equipment depending on time and parts availability. If you have equipment you would like us to work on but are unsure if it falls within our scope, please contact us. The shop labour rate as of October 2021 is $70 per hour.


What do we mean by equipment 'service'?
A service work order means the technician will undergo routine maintenance on your equipment. Clean/replace filters, change or top-up fluids as necessary, grease and lubrication, replace spark plugs, sharpen cutting implements, check tire pressures. Repair or replacement of machine parts is an addition to a service, failing parts may not be identified during routine maintenance but routine maintenance will generally extend parts life.

What do we mean by equipment 'repair'?
Repair work orders are when a specific issue or complaint is identified by the customer for a technician to resolve. Labour is spent on diagnosis as well as repair / replacement of damaged or failing components relating to the customer complaint. Machine service may not be included in a repair unless it is requested by the customer or identified as being directly related to the complaint.

What do we mean by 'tune up'?
A tune up is a comprehensive work order that goes beyond a general service. All the usual tasks involved in a service will be performed as well as an overall inspection of the equipment with the goal of identifying and correcting issues that seem likely to cause future breakdowns but have not yet failed. Tune ups will involve the inspection and replacement as needed of belts, bearings, cutting implements, hoses and fittings, linkages and gears. The tasks involved in a service will also be carried out during a tune up.